Creating Art-Inspired Public Spaces

Raleigh Iron Works developers Grubb Ventures and Jamestown share a commitment to historic preservation, art integrations, and community-centered placemaking. As a commitment to amplifying local artists and their work, RIW includes a collection of unique pieces throughout the property that build upon the past, and reflect the future.

Gabe Eng-Goetz’ piece “United Strength”

Morgan Cook in front of his piece “Steel Symphony”

Another view of “Steel Symphony”

“Over A Century of Progress” by Taylor White

Meet the Artists

Morgan Cook

Morgan, a Chapel Hill native, started his career with small-scale graffiti projects and worked his way up to larger mediums interpreting graffiti as an art form in murals and other large-scale installations.

His piece, “Steel Symphony” deconstructs the typical text-focused approach to graffiti art and pays homage to the connections between the railroad system and the history of graffiti.

Take a peak at Morgan’s piece in the parking garage passageway the next time you’re at RIW 👋🏼


Gabe Eng-Goetz
Multidisciplinary Artist

Meet @gabegets, the talented muralist who completed our Atlantic Avenue garage mural last summer, titled “United Strength.”

Originally from Durham, Gabe has been completing large-scale works for several years and we’re lucky to have him featured as one of our talented muralists at RIW. United Strength is the largest piece Gabe has completed to date, and he wanted to express the culture and identity of the former industrial steel mill through this piece, celebrating the men and women who helped to build the foundation of this city.

Take a look at his 7-story piece the next time you pass by @forgeraleighironworks 👋🏼.

Taylor White
Painter and Muralist
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Visual artist, painter, and muralist, Taylor White is from right here in Raleigh, NC, and has been a working artist for the past 15 years, creating pieces across the globe. Her piece, titled “Over a Century of Progress” celebrates the the unnamed blue-collar workers of Peden Steel who helped build the city we call home.

Taylor said that this mural is one of her best- if not the best she’s accomplished as of yet, achieving several milestone for her including utilizing text, creating a photorealistic piece, and using AI to develop the initial inspiration behind the piece.

Enter RIW from the Wicker Drive entrance to catch the breathtaking piece on the side of @forgeraleighironworks ✨

Johnny Lee Chapman III
Multidisciplinary Artist

Johnny is a wordsmith, poet and writer, and is from right here in Raleigh, NC. He had humble beginnings in his writing career, starting by posting his pieces online before he began to receive traction from the community.

JLC III created The Iron Code to celebrate the transition from a formerly industrial site to the lively live, work, play destination RIW is today.

His piece is intended to be relatable from young to old, and was inspired by the workers who built this city, but adapted into a creed for the use of the RIW community today.

You can view JLC III’s piece as you pass by on Atlantic Avenue, or while you’re enjoying a brew at @ponysaurusbrewingral 🍻