Scott Crawford is not a stranger to the Raleigh culinary scene. With Jolie and Crawford & Son spearheading his footprint in the Triangle, the anticipation for his next concept has been building for years. While his first two restaurants were built around personal heritage and nostalgic moments, Brodeto will be a conceptual restaurant homing in on a feeling he and his family experienced during their travels along the Adriatic sea. The name, Brodeto, references a simple fish soup that Crawford consumed in each city he visited during his trek. Reflecting on his first experience sipping a brodeto, Crawford says, “You feel like you’re tasting all that a city has to offer in a singular, brothy bowl. I still have a distinct memory on my palate of the broth I tried in Puglia, the salt dancing on my tongue from the clam juices and that rich, savory flavor from the fish bones.”

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